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The Virtual Kick is for the real thrill seekers. For the one’s who seek a challenge in life, who’ll have the need to break rules, to see something no one else has seen and to be globally known for being the perfect badass that you are. It's a virtual fitting room to sell a new collection clothing in an experimental kind of way. A new idea of putting together a collection.


Inspiration has been led from different social media challenges as the blinded car rides with the Birdbox challenge, the getting out of you driving car to do a dance like the Kiki challenge, the asking to be stalked because the actor does that so cute in the serie ‘You’, taking selfies in the most dangerous or highest places and the documentary Dark Tourism where people want to go on vacation to the most forbidden places in the world.


Get your ass in the All Senses Suit and put on your virtual glasses, this virtual world will be very dangerous! You will feel everything that happens in this virtual world: pain, the feeling you get in your stomach when you drive in a really fast car, sex and loads more. This virtual fitting room will put your bad ass in the most amazing clothes to make your experience even more perfect.


Every experience will be automatically shared on your social media so that everyone can follow and like your impressive actions in this sensational game. With every like that you get, you’ll get a virtual pat on the shoulder so that you can not only see the love you’re getting, but also feel it! If you’re a winner you can buy the clothes, if you lose you’ll only be able to buy the Game Over Suit. 

*The participation of this experience is at your own risk.



You just shot the pilot. Turn around and the whole plane is burning and falling apart. The room gets hot and the suit that once was your all senses suit is burning and falling apart. A door opens en air almost blows you away. Choice 1: Jump, or die? Dying means game over.


On your way down you feel the fabric of your Parachute Suit. You look around and feel that you are being pulled up by the parachute. When you slow down the plane falls allround you. You have to dodge the pieces that fall down or your game over.


Once you’re on the ground, the police immediately are closing in on you. If they catch you, you’re game over. If you flee you have to go offroad and try to ditch the police. The moment you finally create a distance between you and the police, you get stuck in quicksand.


An attractive man/women sees you and tempts you to go into their house, you have two options: 1. Play with them, or 2. Escape through the basement tunnel. If you play with them the camera’s on the outside of the Virtual kick house will turn black, police lights will appear, you get caught and game over.


In the tunnel you experience real pain. Because of the boobytraps that can come out any second with just seconds to think of your response, you are pushed into different walls, forced to go high, or go low with no idea what the room outside of the virtual world looks like.


If you get out of this tunnel you get to see the flayer with the prices of the clothing that you have worn throughout the game.

Only if you win, you can buy the clothes shown to you in the game. If you lose you only get to buy to Game Over Suit.